We are a family group with the aim of conserving the natural resources

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We are a family group with the aim of conserving the natural resources of the area. Founded by Mrs Grace Navarro Picado. With eager to share these riches with nature lovers, we strive to create our Ecological Garden. We are surrounded by beautiful mountains, streams, coffee plantations, a cool and nice to escape the city and the routine in the company of this natural beauty.


Tours Include:

  1. Bilingual guide
  2. Butterfly Garden Tour
  3. Coffee Tour
  4. Orchids
  5. Birdwatching Navarro’s Garden Location
  6. Mountains Tour and Frog Pond
  7. Hydroponic and organic vegetables crops
  8. Snacks
  9. Beverages
  10. 1 Meals Breakfast, lunch or Dinner ( local food)
  11. Mascaradas (masquerade)


Jardin Ecologico Los Navarro is located in the community of Frailes, Zona de los Santos province of San José Costa Rica, between the meridian and parallel coordinates 30 degrees 90 degrees.
The terrain of the area is quite irregular, mountainous but accessible, has a very rich flora and greenery.
The community enjoys a nice temperature of 21 ° C. to 25 ° C. approximately. You can identify any two stations clearly a rainy and a dry season.
Come to visit us and have a wonderful time in one of the most beautiful south zones of Costa Rica.

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