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One day Tour Costa Rica 


• Bilingual guide
• 1 Lunch or Dinner ( local food)
• Mascaradas (masquerade)
• Butterfly Garden Tour
• Orchids
• Mountains Tour and Frog Pond
• Hydroponic and organic vegetables crops
• Coffee Tour


•Comfortable pants
•Hiking shoes
•Swimming suit
•Mosquito repellent

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Costa Rica Vacations 


Is a tour through the butterfly garden and the laboratory where the visitors learn about the life cycle, history and value of this kind of lepidopteron.
It begins with a welcome to the garden and the description of the activities to do in Jardin Ecologico Los Navarro.

In the garden The visitors can watch different species of butterflies like a (morpho, danaus, heliconius and others), also you can learn about metamorphosis from the egg, caterpillar, pupa and adult butterfly, visitors can interact with them and look the host plants.

We have our own laboratory, where you can be appreciated a full information about metamorphosis and life cycle of butterflies.

Grace Navarro Picado Founder


We offer a tour around our coffee plantation where you can watch different kinds and species of coffee trees like caturra, catuay, hybrid, Arabic, villa sarchi and others. After we finish the route you can enjoy the processing Artisan, pulping,  drying (we sun-dry our coffee), roasting, grounding, brewing and finally you can taste our exquisite Coffee Don Cornelio.

Don Cornelio Coffee Tour is located in the coffee capital of Costa Rica, Zona de Los Santos, Frailes, The farm sits at 1600 meters above the sea level, belongs to family ” Navarro Picado”, pioneers in the production of coffee for more than 50 years.

Don Cornelio Navarro founder of this farm, he has harvested one of the best coffee in the zone. Nowadays Grace Navarro Don Cornelio’s daughter and her family are working together in this great family business.

The main objective of Don Cornelio Coffee Tour is educating people about the whole production process of coffee as well as the processing.

From the Seed to the Cup

Costa Rica has a large variety of microclimates and altitudes within short distances. This route explains how the different climatic factors bring on the taste of our coffee. Guided by an expert, the visitors will receive extensive information which will make this activity an unforgettable experience.

The tour begins in the seedbed, where you will observe and be explained the development process of the coffee from planting until harvesting. You will also learn about the history of the farm, its owners, the production and varieties of plants, the geography of the area and the traditional ways of cultivating the grain.

The tour ends with a tasting a delicious coffee in the traditional way calls: “Chorreado”.


Students Tours

Students Tours

This tour is focused to students around the world to exploring the unique flora and fauna of our garden.



The tour begins with a walk through the paths in the coffee plantation, where you get to a small garden with plants that attract humming birds and you can look different species, after that you can continue through the coffee plantation until you get to a viewpoint where you can watch different kinds of birds as yiguirro, come maiz, viudas, pecho amarillo, casicon, piapias, colibri boos and many others.

The tour is dedicated to find different species of birds in the Cuenca Alta of the Candelario River in Frailes de Desamparados where you can find more than 55 species.


In the orchid garden you can look different species of them and also you can make questions about the different species of orchids like catleya, epidendrum, gongora, Dracula, brassia, acineta, guarianthe, dichaea and thumbnails and many others.

You walk through a small wood where you can find a catholic sanctuary where we have the “virgin of angels”.

If you continue walking through the coffee plantation you listen the history of the coffee and take a look the different kinds of coffee that we have and then you get to the pond, we have created a natural environment where the tourist might see frogs, this depends of the weather and species, and also you can watch host plants such bromelias, heliconias and aquatic plants and others.


In this place you can enjoy our delicious coffee Don Cornelio one of the best of the zone, and also you can enjoy our exquisite food such olla de carne, tortillas, tamal de cerdo, chifrijo,, almuerzo del cafetal, casados, desserts and more.

Navarro’s Garden is pleased to offer services in our rancho where you can celebrate birthday parties, anniversaries, christenings, work meetings and many celebrations, we offer: catering, decoration, music, etc.

The garden offers a variety of activities to the visitors and adventurous excursions.


  • Games for kids (Inflatable children)
  • Mascaradas
  • WIFI Free zone

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